Horn Dancers
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Abbots Bromley Horn Dance is the oldest traditional Dance in the country.  The current horns used are carbon-dated to over 1000 years old.

Originally the Dance was held over 3 days, but is now just held on the first Monday, after the first Sunday, after the 4th September. This therefore always falls between the 6th and the 12th of September.

The Horns
The White horns are called Whites but the Brown horns are called Blues by the dancers. The largest White is always carried by the leader of the Dance; who is currently Carl Fowell.

The dancers collect the Horns from St Nicholas Church just before 8am, after a short blessing.  They are returned to the Church around 8pm that same day, after dancing at various points around the village.

This year Horn Dance day was the 9th of September 2013.  There are no other confirmed dates or bookings at this time, although there are some in the pipeline.

Hire the Dancers
If you would like us to dance at your event please send your details using the contact form here and I will get back to you.